K Hero™ LEGEND 2 Ultimate Value Pack

K Hero™ LEGEND 2 Ultimate Value Pack

139.95 349.95

Package Includes:
1 x K Hero Legend 2 (R.R.P $299.95)
1 x Height Adjustable Microphone Stand (R.R.P $39.95)
1 x Music Responsive USB LED Light (R.R.P $9.95)

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Due to overwhelming demand for Legend 2 Rose Gold Edition, There’s very limited stock remaining, grab yours before they run out!

The Most Amazing Gift For Kids
Ultra Light - Weighs less than 400 grams
Extremely Easy to Use

Introducing Legend 2 Portable Karaoke Microphone

Successor to The Best Selling Australian Karaoke Gadget in 2018, K Hero Legend 2 dramatically improves the most important aspects of the Portable Karaoke Microphone experience. It's upgraded with brand new Reverb™ 2 sound system technology . Which greatly boosts sound quality and performance. Combined with three massive 5 Watts surrounding sound speakers and the brightest, most colourful LED Side Panel & Mic Head. This is by far the best Portable Karaoke Microphone we have ever created.

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Performance Overview

Performance Overview (1).jpg

New Features

Wireless Connection To External Speakers
Thanks to advancement in our brand new V3.1 chipset, Legend 2 is now capable of connecting to your stereo speakers, home theatre & car stereo through wireless FM transmission. This allows you to amplify the volume for an awesome party experience.

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Original Vocal Remover 
Powered by Reverb™ 2 sound system technology, you can now press a single button to remove/reduce the original vocal in any songs in real time, leaving just the instrumental music, This is perfect for singing along to your favourite tunes.

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Music Responsive LED Lights
One of the biggest draw cards of the original Legend Microphone Series are the 48 LED music responsive led lights covering the side panels. Legend 2 tops that by also adding LED lights to the Mic Head. This makes Legend 2 the ultimate attention grabber the second it's turned on.

Battery Indicator Lights:
You can now see how much battery life is remaining through the battery indicator lights. So you can prepare and charge up your Legend 2 before a big party!

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Note: Only compatible with external speakers with FM functionality.  Vocal Remover Technology is still in Beta Testing, some songs are more effective than others depending on the file format and BPM.

Core Features

K Hero Legend 2 has carried over all the amazing features from the original Legend. You have access to unlimited music by connecting to your smart device via Bluetooth. fire up your favourite music app and get the karaoke party started!

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What's Included In

Legend 2 Ultimate Value Pack

1 x Legend 2 Portable Karaoke Microphone
1 x K Hero Portable Carry Case
1 x USB Charging Cable
1 x Microphone Stand
1 x USB LED Light Attachment
1 x Audio Cable
1 x Online Instruction Manual