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Like many of our savvy customers, You may be wondering to your self, What exactly are K Hero Portable Karaoke Microphones? Watch the video below to find out:

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What are K Hero Portable Karaoke Microphones?

Whether you’re hosting or going to a friend’s party, on a road trip or looking to add a ‘dramatic’ touch to your school presentation, your Portable Karaoke Microphone will be ready to help you steal the show thanks to innovative wireless portability and a built-in speaker. Connect to your favourite devices via Bluetooth to sing along to any songs, anytime, anywhere.

K Hero Portaokes can be used as:

  1. A Stand-Alone Microphone.

  2. A Stand-Alone Music Speaker.

  3. An All-In-One Portable Karaoke System.

The most popular way of using the Portaoke is to connect it to your smart phone/tablet via Bluetooth. You can then use YouTube or your favourite music app and search up karaoke videos of your favourite song. Once the karaoke video starts playing, the music will be streamed through to the speaker on your Portaoke and you can sing along with the lyrics as shown on your smart device.